Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Missing Episode

As some of you may know, for many years the syndicated broadcasts of Strange Paradise have been incomplete, with one episode proving elusive.

As originally broadcast, there were a total of 195 half-hour episodes of “Strange Paradise.” Over the years, the show has been rebroadcast numerous times, both in the United States and Canada. Since at least the mid-1970's one episode, episode 171, has been missing. Until recently, why episode 171 was missing, and its ultimate fate, were unknown. However, a recent discovery at a film storage warehouse resulted in the possibility that the Strange Paradise story could be complete once more.

Strangeparadise.net is happy to report that episode 171 has been recovered and has been archived in a digital format, allowing the Strange Paradise story to be complete again for the first time in over thirty years.

In a web exclusive, strangeparadise.net has put together everything you need to know about episode 171, including the history of its disappearance, the story of its rediscovery and, for the first time anywhere, a complete synopsis and photo gallery. For all of the details, please click on the link below:


Additionally, for a limited time, strangeparadise.net is proud to present a full slideshow of the entire episode. Please click on the link below to view it. Please excuse the white text on the light backgound. It is a peculiarity of the program used to create the slideshow. Enjoy!

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